2015 3N Cattle Bull Sale

by the Vaughan Family Ranch


BD: 1/15/2013

BW: 70

3N-VFR Ignition 3I01

Sire:  ROR Ignition 1023 P


MGS:  HCR Outlook 7086 Pld


This bull might be the most complete bull in the entire offering.  Moderate, balanced EPD’s in a very powerful and attractive package.  This bull moves very well and will be able to cover a lot of country to get your cows bred.  He is out of a nice moderate framed Outlook daughter.

BD: 1/22/2013

BW: 74

3N-VFR Ignition 3I04

Sire:  ROR Ignition 1023 P


MGS:  HCR Outlook 7086 Pld


A heavy muscled Ignition son who was a standout all summer long as a calf and showed his masculinity at an early age.  Here is another opportunity to invest in a moderate framed, powerful bull that is packed with performance. 


BD: 1/28/2013

BW: 74

3N-VFR Ignition 3I08

Sire:  ROR Ignition 1023 P


MGS:  HCR Director 5012 Pld


This is a powerful, phenotypically correct bull.  Out of a beautiful Director first calf heifer, he is structurally sound and walks very well.  He has great natural muscling and will add pounds to your calf crop.

BD: 2/6/2013

BW: 86

3N-VFR Director 3D20

Sire:  ROR Ignition 1023 P


MGS:  Baldridge Fasttrack 82F


This sale has our last offering of Director sons, and this bull is one to bring to your attention.  This bull resembles his sire in many ways, but mainly his natural muscle and powerful, deep bodied stature.  Use this bull on some British based cows and enjoy the results.  An 86 pound birth weight and out of a proven highly productive Fasttrack dam.  This has been one of our most consistent and proven mating’s over the past several years.

BD: 3/11/2013

BW: 90

3N-VFR Outlook 3O42

Sire:  ROR Ignition 1023 P


MGS:  HCR Director 5012 Pld


Depth and capacity, this standout HCR Outlook son will catch your eye.  He is the cream of the Outlook sons and would be a great asset to any ranch to sire those deep thick cattle that feeders love.

BD: 3/17/2013

BW: 88


3N-VFR Reward 3R46

Sire:  ROR Ignition 1023 P


MGS:  M6 WCR 066 0185 Pld


This bull should grab your attention.  This might be the most bull for your money.  He is a very athletic bull and is sound from the ground up.  He walks just like his sire and should be able to cover some rough country and will not fall apart after you turn him out.  This bull will be a great investment and is ready to see heavy service.

BD: 2/85/2013

BW: 70

3N-VFR Predestined 3P05

Sire:  GAR Predestined A0020


MGS:  Sinclair Net Present Value


This is an exciting young herd sire.  He is a Predestined grandson and is deep ribbed and has a lot of depth and capacity.  This bull has grown and performed well.  This bull walks very well and will be a great asset to your operation.

BD: 2/3/2014

BW: 84

3N-VFR Ignition 4I05 Pld

Sire:  ROR Ignition 1023 P



MGS:  HCR Reward 7009 Pld


Out of our best uddered Reward female who is consistently weaning heavy calves.  This bull is no exception and should sire consistency across your herd.  Use this bull to add heavy muscle at an early age and to produce deep broody, clean uddered females.

BD: 2/7/2014

BW: 88

3N-VFR Ignition 4I12 Pld

Sire:  ROR Ignition 1023 P


MGS: HCR Director 5012 Pld


The most complete and balanced yearling bull in the sale.  He is thick, wide topped, deep ribbed and has excellent natural muscle.  This bull is very quiet tempered and should not be overlooked.  Let his moderate balanced frame correct structural problems and thicken up your next calf crop.

BD: 2/15/2014

BW: 88

3N-VFR Ignition 4I19 Pld

Sire: ROR Ignition 1023 P


MGS: HCR Director 5012 Pld


Hands down the most impressive Ignition son to watch grow and develop.  This bull has been a standout from a calf last summer.  He is an extremely high growth bull, yet does not sacrifice sound foot and leg structure.  Even more exciting than watching him would be to watch a set of his crossbred calves grow and perform.  Put this bull to work for you and your operation.

BD: 2/25/2014

BW: 78

3N-VFR Ignition 4I25 Pld

Sire:  ROR Ignition 1023 P


MGS:  HCR Director 5012 Pld


A moderate framed, power packed young herd sire prospect.  There is a lot of potential bred into this stout Ignition son.  He is backed by a long line of excellent milking females and has grown to be a stand out bull which can add pounds and performance to your next calf crop.

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