3N stands for Three Nails, the Three Nails that pierced through Jesus’s hands and feet when He was hung on the cross.  We desire for this brand to be a reminder of Christ, as well as a conversation starter.   What is significant about this, is that those 3 Nails had no ability to hold Christ on the cross, instead it was the Fathers will that Jesus would suffer and serve as the only sufficient sacrifice for sinners like you and me. 


Praise be to Jesus that He was obedient to the Fathers will and endured the cross, when He had full power to escape it.  Oh what love the Father has for us, that He would desire a relationship with us so badly, that He would choose to crush His own son.  So that you and me, upon putting our faith and trust in Christ, and turning from our old way of living and surrendering to Christ being Lord over our life, would be granted eternal life with God forever!  Although 3N is the brand of Vaughan Family Ranch, it’s meaning and significance has nothing to do with us.  We desire for people to see it, and to look right past us and to be reminded of Jesus and the sacrifice that He made.  This is our heart and our desire here at the VFR.  Our identity is not found in our ranch, or our cattle, our identity is found in Jesus Christ.

Here at Vaughan Family Ranch, we want to first and foremost give God the glory that He deserves, as well as to live in complete submission to His authority over our lives and to walk in obedience to the commands of Christ on a daily basis.  We want to honor God through our lives and through the ranch that we are called to be good stewards of.  We as a family felt the need to use our ranch and the cattle in any way possible that would point people toward Jesus Christ, the ONLY way to God and heaven.  With that being said, we created the 3N brand.