Filson Custom Clipping Chute


In support of our Annual Bull sale, we had a need for a heavy duty clipping chute that could handle our Two year old Charolais Bulls.  I already had a Filson corral, working tub and heavy duty chute, so i knew their products could be custom built and they were heavy duty and built to last.  I contacted them and started to spec out features.


I wanted to have a self catching XL Head gate.  It is much easier to walk the cattle up into the self catching head gate compared to having a person up front manually catching the neck. 


I didn't have a need for this clipping chute to have squeeze sides, but i needed the chute to be wide enough so we could work two thousand pound plus two year old bulls.  The chute is wide enough with the verticle stay bars for the big bulls but not too wide where yearlings would try to turn around. 


I wanted to have the end gate and support structure tall enough so people could walk behind the animal without concern of hitting their head on the top bars. 


I wanted both sides of the chute to open in both upper and lower halves.  This would alow access to the entire animal.  They also included the quick slide backup stop bar which is usefull moving the animal forward and reduce lunging so shots or palp activities can be performed.


I wanted vertical side supports to restrain the animal from moving outward when the sides are open.  The removable vertical bars have three different positions upper and lower so the entire animal can be accessble similar to other blocking chutes.


i also wanted a rear section slide gate and the ability to later add a palp cage, 


The chute performed exactly as intended.  Its a very heavy duty clipping chute, the lower sides can be opened to help calves nurse or if there is a need to milk out a cow.  It easily opens to facilitate bull semen and BSE checks.  We can also perform AI breeding easily.


Below you will find a few photogaphs and a video of our first use.  Contact me if you have any questions, or contact Filson directly.  Thanks for checking this out.