Embryo Purchase Guarantee


For every 3 embryos purchased, there is a guarantee of one 90 day pregnancy if the work is done by a Certified technician.  In the event that no pregnancies are obtained, three embryos (buyers choice)  from our current availabity list will be provided to satisfy the guarantee.  Donor signatures will be provided at no cost.  Out of herd sire signing fees will be the responsibility of the buyer.

Featuring the Production of M&M Ms Slasher 8506 Pld ET

Sire:  HooDoo Slasher 1144

Dam:  Baldridge Sweetheart 7M

M&M Ms Slasher 8506 Pld ET

M&M Ms Slasher 8506 Pld ET was a sale feature at the M&M Dispersal where she was a proven Donor cow out of the Breed Icon Baldridge Sweetheart 7M and outcross sire of show champions HooDoo Slasher 1144.  Since walking our pastures, she has continued to impress.  Power, Broodiness, Feminity, and Productivity aptly describe this elite Brood Matron.  This inagural sale will focus and be dedicated to the production and productivity of "Slasher 8506".


Productivity is captured in many elements.   She passes on her broodiness, length of body and overall type design as seen in her natural calf by LT Long Distance - VFR Distant Sweetheart 7L03 Pld.  Take a look at her video below.  Slasher 8506 is also a very prolithic producer of quality embryos. 




Lot 2 and Lot 3 - IVF Heifer Embryos by M&M Outsider 4003 Pld

No bull has taken the functional phenotype as boldly as M&M Outsider 4003 Pld.  He has produced many show champions including the 2018 National Grand Champion Bull Outkast, and Grand Champion Female and Reserve Grand Champion Female at the recent National Western Stock Show in Denver.  We appreciate his sire LT Long Distance as a producer of good maternal genetic females.  Combine this with Outsiders famed Dam - M&M Ms Carbine 1567 Pld and what better choice for maternal phenotype strength when combining with Slasher 8506.  Lots 2 and 3 are both a package of 3 IVF Heifer calf embryos.  Lot 2 are 3 grade 1's.  Lot 3 are 2 grade 1's and 1 grade 2.

Lot 4 and Lot 5 - IVF Bull Embryos by M&M Outsider 4003 Pld

A lot has been said about the maternal strength and phenotype appeal of Outsider heifers.  We also know that Outsider bulls have the power and look to make the big time.  Lots 4 and 5 are both a package of 3 IVF Bull calf embryos.  Both lots 4 and 5 are grade 1's

M&M Outsider 4003 Pld

M&M Ms Carbine 1567 Pld

KE Wonder Women ET

National Grand Champion

TR MR Outkast 6605D

National Grand Champion

BRCHE TR Dory 6501

National Reserve Grand Champion

Lot 6, 7 and Lot 8  - IVF Non-Sexed Embryos by LT Affinity 6221 Pld

We have had our eye on LT Affinity 6221 Pld ever since he sold in the Lindskov-Thiel bull sale.  We have use him with AI and look forward to his calf crop for us.  We appreciate his phenotype, EPD profile and the maternal strength in the generations of top females represented in his pedigree.  Lots 6, 7 and 8 are a package of three non-sexed IVF Embryos out of LT Affinity and Slasher 8506.  All embryos for each lot are Grade 1's

LT Affinity 6221 Pld

Lot 9  - Conventional Embryos by RBM TR Rhinestone Z38

Continuing to search the breeds great sires with outstanding maternal strength brings us to the HC Rhinestone 5100 cow originating in the Hebbert Charolais herd.  She has produced two sons in heavy use today, RBM TR Rhinestone Z38 and RBM Fargo Y111.  We want to stack female strength is this embryo offering, but noting that strength can be found in either bull or heifer calves produced from this mating.  We are offering three conventional embryos out of Rhinestone and Slasher 8506.  All embryos are Grade 1's.

RBM TR Rhinestone Z38

Lot 10 and Lot 11  - Conventional Embryos by:

LT Patriot 4004 Pld and M6 MS Sun Jewell 5117 P ET


Wanting to round out the offering with a super mating of two curve breaking individuals.  This mating combines the lines of New Standard, LT Sundance and LT Patriot.  Look at the genetic value of this mating, along with the phenotype of both the sire and dam. 


M6 MS Sun Jewel 5117 P ET was one of our Donor Choices from the M6 Dispersal.  She is an own daughter of M6 MS New Jewel 0155 Pld, making her a maternal sister to M6 Slam Dunk 3115 P ET and many other breed standouts.  Her sire, LT Sundance is a very popular sire of stout, functional cattle.  She has a very nice udder and overall confirmation.  Believe in Feminine Power EPD's, then realize that she is in the breeds top 1% for WW, YW, SC, CW, REA and top 8% for marbling.  Combine that with the sire of the embryos, LT Patriot 4004 Pld who is another stout power bull.  We are very excited about this mating and the possibilities it brings.  All Embryos are Grade 1's.


LT Patriot 4004 Pld

M6 MS Sun Jewel 5117 P ET

Lot 12  - Egg Basket of Three Embryos

If you are having trouble deciding your favorite embryo mating to choose, then this lot won't make things any easier.  We are compiling offered and odd lot matings and allowing you to pick one embryo from three different matings listed below.   The seller will compile your three embryos at one facility so you will only have 1 shipping cost.  All Embryos are grade 1's

Bull IVF Embryo out of M&M Outsider 4003 Pld X 8506


Conventional Embryo out of RBM TR Rhinestone Z38 X 8506


Heifer IVF Embryo out of VCR Sir Duke 914 Pld X 8506


Non-sexed IVF Embryo out of LT Affinity 6221 Pld X 8506


Non-sexed IVF Embryo out of LT Patriot 4004 Pld X 8506


Conventional Embryo out of LT Patriot 4004 Pld X M6 MS Sun Jewel 5117 P ET


RBM TR Rhinestone Z38

LT Affinity 6221 Pld

M&M Outsider 4003 Pld

LT Patriot 4004 Pld

VCR Sir Duke 914 Pld

Vaughan Family Ranch

Genetic Opportunity Sale

March 29, 2018 on CharAuctions.com


Lot 1 - Flush in M&M Ms Slasher 8506 Pld ET

A sale feature in our 2018 Genetic Opportunities Sale is a buyers choice of a successful Conventional Flush or an IVF Aspiration cycle and Embryo production.  We will guarantee the buyer 6 freezable conventional or 6 embryos from an IVF cycle.  The buyer will pay for semen and Flush or Aspiration / IVF cycle.  Slasher 8506 produced 61 (24, 22, 15) embryos in her last 3 conventional flushes and she produced 292 oocytes in her last 5 aspirations for a total of 57 reverse sort sexed and 21 non-sexed embryos.  The buyer of this choice flush will receive all embryo production.  Conventional flush work to be performed at Sun Valley ET in Salina, KS and IVF to be performed at Trans Ova in Fletcher, OK.  Seller will provide transportation of Slasher 8506 to either facility at no charge.  Buyer is responsible for semen and flush/aspiration and IVF costs.  She is open and ready to flush now.

VFR Distant Sweetheart 7L03 Pld

Natural calf by Long Distance